Professional and Executive Coaching

Career success stems from multiple factors in your life. Obvious areas that we help you to enhance include your assessment of self and capabilities, increased visibility and awareness of achievements in your respective business industry and enhanced communication and influence. Career coaching is provided to assist in mastering your career and job search.

Coaching Methodology & Philosophy

The ultimate goal of my executive coaching approach is to ensure that the client’s goals are understood, a deliberate personal plan is developed for desired outcomes, and that we focus on reaching the client’s goals while measuring progress toward success.  While the executive coaching and career coaching styles are straightforward, the client’s desires always take precedence. Executive coaching and Career coaching is the primary focus of our sessions. However, there is an assumption that the client’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state are all connected to each other. Therefore, all elements are addressed, to some extent, during coaching.

My focus is to assist you, the client to stretch to your best self, professionally. We complete an initial assessment, which mainly consists of a gap analysis to identify the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. We focus on the strengths, resources and capabilities that exist in addition to areas of needed improvements and other obstacles. The ultimate goal is to develop a personal plan and thrive through it. Other tools in executive coaching and career coaching include meditation, self- observational exercises and behavioral steps.

The Coaching Relationship

As your executive coach and/or career coach, Dr. Lepora serves as your partner in goal setting, self exploration, action planning and results- oriented personal growth. She is a challenging executive coach and partner who will hold you accountable to achieve your best self. The coaching relationship is a partnership focused on empathy, exploration, and motivation that is action- oriented toward client goals. Dr. Lepora will be honest and straightforward and invites as well as expects the same from you, the client.

The client is expected to provide constructive feedback about the quality and usefulness of the executive coaching and/or career coaching, and be forthright about a desire to restructure in any way. The success of the executive coaching engagement greatly depends upon the Client’s commitment and openness to the process. The client is held to a high standard of responsibility and accountability.  Accordingly, the client is expected to take responsibility for doing work to achieve the desired results.  

As a virtual coach for those remote clients, Dr. Lepora provides flexibility, convenience and added privacy. Virtual coaching, also known as remote coaching allows you to receive executive coaching around your schedule. Virtual coaching is available for extended hours including early morning and late evenings.

Individual Executive Coaching

The main advantage of individual executive coaching is that it is very uniquely customized to you, the individual client. Only you are considered for focus, based on your needs, wants, fears, desires, and goals that you wish to explore. Individual programs offer the greatest flexibility as they can be adjusted to explore the current issues in your life. Since it is personalized, we are able to delve more deeply into a particular issue or personal goal that you wish to work on. It is also private.

Peer / Group / Team Coaching

The purpose of group coaching varies. Such purposes and benefits include:

  • Coaching multiple individuals who share similar goals : These individuals are able to learn from each other’s questions, empathy and support.
  • Coaching individuals who are seeking relationship building. Coaching can help to mend and improve team relations, group relations and other group related dynamics
  • Group Coaching creates a dynamic that is very powerful among multiple individuals and lowers costs for each individual.


  • Executive Coaching and/or Career Coaching is delivered during sessions by telephone and internet link such as Skype, or, if desired, in person within the United States, traveling from the Metropolitan Atlanta, GA area.
  • Scheduled sessions may be augmented with occasional “emergency” or unplanned calls based upon coach availability.
  • Sessions aim to be flexible, including Saturdays and evenings. Sundays are available only on an emergency, non- routine basis.
  • The executive coach will generally initiate the call/ internet session in order to incur any related calls.
  • Typical sessions last approximately 50-60 minutes.
  • 30 minute sessions are also available
  • Unlimited e-mails are included with Executive/ Career Coaching Packages. 

Executive Coaching is a valuable investment in yourself to help you be your best self. Immediately following are the investment fees.

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Change is an inevitable part of life. We cannot grow without changing. I can partner with you to be the
Master of the Change in your life.

Dr. Lepora

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