7 Characteristics of People of the Lie

At first with hesitation and great contemplation, do I produce this piece of communication. Like other, I was rocked by the shooting incident that occurred in the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Like others, my first reaction was to think who is this crazy person who committed such an atrocity??? Then I saw his face, the face of Dylann Roof. I hate to even type the name, however, he is an actual part of the event. When I saw his face or shall I say his eyes, the evil within him, riveted uncontrollably. It immediately brought me to the wisdom delivered by Dr. Scott Peck in “People of the Lie.”

Essentially, Dr. Peck, teaches us that psychology cannot cure all maladies, because some maladies are of the spirit and not of the mind. Psychologists and scientists of other fields are always driven for the logical solution, the mathematical formula for each problem presented. However, in the case of Dylann Roof and many others, sometimes the formula is not so tangible. Sometimes, it take more spiritual effort and seeking to find out how we can truly help such spiritually overturned individuals, if we are of the power to help them at all.

In Dr. Peck’s book, he shares case studies that reflect certain characteristics of these “People of the Lie,” these individuals who are spiritually overturned. These are seven characteristics that are often found in such individuals.

  1. They seek to control others. Dylann Roof wanted to control the saints in the church by killing them with his gun. He wanted to control others by evoking fear due to his terroristic attack. 

  2. They lack empathy. In order to enter a church, a place dedicated to God and falsely pray with those in a meek position, while actually preying on them violently, Dylann Roof lacked empathy for his most immediate and vulnerable neighbors. 

  3. They have a permeating problem linked to negative behavior. Dylann Roof’s life was dedicated to hate. He studied it, conspired with it and made it his lifestyle. 

  4. They strategically plan and calculate their wrongdoing. Dylann Roof planned for, at least months, his violent killing, from which he expected to receive glory. He even shared of his plans with others. 

  5. They are atypical in their ways. There are many good people who are different and unique. However, there are also those who are unique and unique in a bad way. Dylann Roof stands out as someone who wore hate paraphernalia, rebelled against modern day laws and modern day harmony. 

  6. They don’t show remorse. Dylann Roof has not apologized nor reflected any indications of regret for his malicious actions. 

  7. They are not corrected by punishment. Even in his time in jail, Dylan Roof still stands by his atrocious call of duty to raise hell where people of color exist.  Even behind bars, he still believes that his evil, terroristic acts were righteous.


Five Steps to Holistic Renewal

There comes a time, for most of us, many times, when we look at our lives and realize that something is just not right or something needs to be realigned.  We realize that something is missing or we are doing too much of something that is taking too much of our time.  Ultimately, we realize that whatever is wrong, whatever is misaligned, needs to be evaluated and corrected in order for us to fulfill our greatest achievements and efforts in life for today and the subsequent future.  

I want to talk about five steps to obtaining holistic renewal in our lives. There are many elements of our lives that when they are misaligned, they negatively interfere with the other aspects of our lives. The five elements that I want to discuss today include our mind the mental area, our spiritual area and relationship with God, our physical area including what we intake and what we exert also known as diet and exercise, and our social area also known as our relationship with others. If any of these areas are messed up or off- balance it will affect other areas.

Let's talk about the first step. Our mental makeup is considered by most to be the ultimate navigation for everything that we do. I do know that it is a large influence on everything that we do. It is important that the intentions that we have in our minds are aligned with the actions that we take and the decisions that we make. It is important that our energy focus remains consistent with the goals that we have decided in our mind. If we do not take the time, effort, and energy to place intentions in our minds and make decisions regarding those intentions we will be very confused and live very passive, disoriented, unorganized, and possibly dysfunctional and low achieving lives. So the first step in holistic renewal is to review our intentional life goals. If we cannot identify our intentional life goals then that means that we need to develop such intentional goals for our lives, which may include placing intention toward where we are already giving our energy and efforts.  Our intentions should be aligned with how we spend our time and give our energy.

The second step for holistic renewal is to conduct a spiritual inventory of ourselves. We can do this by asking ourselves certain questions and exploring our responses. How is our relationship with God currently? When was the last time that we spoke with him? When was the last time that we listened to God? How often do we speak to God? How often do we listen to God? When was the last that we took the effort to thank God and show our gratitude for what He has given us? Other important questions include: how authentic are we living our lives? Does the way we spend time align with what we claim to be the important priorities in our lives? Do we do what we say is important to do? Do we refrain from doing what we say is important for us not to do? Are we honest with others regarding what is important to us? Regarding what we do? Does our character, our regular habits reflect what we believe that they should reflect? Do we have the right balance in our lives? Are we placing the right value on people and things in our lives, in the right order?

The third step is to take an inventory of our physical intake. That is referring to our diet, what we normally eat. Many people have different rules regarding what they choose to eat on a regular basis. Some people eat whatever and whenever their heart and emotions desire. Some people do not eat meat. Some people do not eat certain types of meat, for example beef or pork. Whatever physical intake/ diet you choose should align with the goals that you choose for your life. For example, if you need eat 500 more calories than your body needs, your goal should be to have a heavier physical package. If you choose to eat 500 fewer calories a day than your body physical makeup needs, then your goal should be to have a physical makeup that is malnourished and lacking full strength and energy. There are health risks when under eating and/or overeating. When we make a decision to do either one, we are saying that we accept the health risks associated with our respective choices.

There are many types of food to eat, including meat protein, non- meat proteins, vegetables, fruit, starches, refined carbohydrates, fiber, milk products and other types of foods. It is important to be aware of how these different types of foods affect our body. There are general benefits and cons to eating any of these and definitely cons to eating too much. Every person's body is different. Therefore, some of our bodies are more sensitive to some of these foods than others. Some of us may even be allergic to some of these foods. It is important to observe and study how your body reacts to these different foods so that you know the best way for you to eat and how much of them. What balance of foods gives you the most energy? What balance of foods gives you the body makeup that is healthy for you?

The fourth step of holistic renewal is taking inventory of our physical exertion. How often do we exercise? Some people need to exercise three times a week. Some people need to exercise five times a week. Some people need to exercise for an hour a day. Some people need to exercise for 30 minutes a day. It is important to exercise and sweat. It helps to build physical strength, energy and endurance; it helps to clean out toxins from our bodies. It also helps us to maintain healthy emotional balance by increasing endorphins that give us positive energy and feelings.

The fifth step to holistic renewal is to review our relationships. What relationships do we currently have in our lives? What are our relationships at home, work environment, church, extended family, friends, and civic organizations? When we think of the people and organizations, with which we have relationships, how do they make us feel? Do they help us to achieve our intentional goals? How important are our relationships to us? Do we contribute and give our best in our relationships? Do we receive appropriately in those relationships? We should be able to rank the importance of our relationships among the individuals and organizations of our lives. When we look at our relationships, we should be able to identify how they can be improved. Is there something that we should do to contribute more? Should we request more from our relationships? We should make the best effort to make our high priority relationships the best.

In completing our five steps of holistic renewal, we must make sure our mental and spiritual goals are aligned. We should review all elements of our lives and make sure that they align with our mental and spiritual goals. We must ensure that our focus and intent is aligned with what we believe that we should be doing. This renewal process is not a once in a lifetime exercise. This renewal process should be reviewed with some regularity. It should definitely be reviewed when you know that your life is not achieving what you believe that it should be achieving. We must make a continuous effort to be in tune with ourselves.