The Danger of Multi-Tasking

The Dangers of Multi-Tasking

Often, we think that we are saving time when we multi- task. We see it as being productive, when we really are less effective and successful at what we are doing. We are spreading our efforts across many and taking out the best of all of them.

The other day, I caught myself feeding my baby while watching television and working on the computer, all at the same time. I found my energy feeling tension and confusion and realized that I was doing too much.

When we multi-task, we are telling God that He has not given us enough time to get what we need. Clearly, God has given me all that I need. So I need to be more appreciative of that when allocating my time.   

When we multi-task, we are hurting ourselves.

1. We are cluttering our minds and making it more difficult to hear God’s regular messages to us. We’re saying to God, “We got this.” We take control at doing our millions of things while we drown Him out. 

2. Secondly, we are not enjoying the moment. We need to stop and smell the roses. We cannot do that if we’re speeding by the roses, honking and blasting loud music all at the same time.   I was ashamed when I realized that I was doing so much while feeding my new little one, not taking that moment to enjoy the miracle that God has provided. We must assess what is important for us to do and do it and get rid of the unimportant distractions. In that moment, my baby was hunger so clearly that was the activity of importance. Watching TV and doing whatever on the computer clearly could wait.  

3. We risk making dangerous decisions when we multitask. We think that the hundreds of decisions that we make each day are small decisions, where to eat, what to eat, with whom to eat, what to wear… When we have no idea, in fact, how one “small” decision will become a large decision and lead to something else. They are not small decisions, but in fact quick decisions. That is why it is important to pray without cease, to constantly listen to God for direction. He may tell you not to have lunch with person who may want to do you harm. Or He may tell you to wear yellow on that day because you’re going to meet the love of your life whose favorite color is yellow. When we hear from God often, every message doesn’t make sense to us, nor does it need to do so. However, we need to listen. Multitasking makes that very difficult.

P.S. “It is useless; it is like chasing the wind. It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to always want something else.” Ecclesiastes 6:9

Time v. Energy

There is continuous hoopla about the value of time. Is time all that they say that it is cracked up to be? Is it really that important? After all, we don't talk about time the way that we talked about money? We don't go after time the way that we go after money? I'm here to say that time is absolutely important! If you have time, it enables you to do the things that you want to do and allows you to learn how to do the things that you do not know how to do or, to which you not yet have access. However, energy is vitally important, yet often ignored. Why is energy overlooked so often when it is so important for us to do what we want to do in this life? It is overlooked because time is easier to grasp. We can measure time. We understand that if ask anyone else on this earth, they will agree that one hour equals 60 minutes. They will agree that 60 seconds equals 1 minute. We are simple creatures by nature. By habit, we gravitate to what we can see and measure. We perceive things we see as easier to accept in reality, and therefore easier to control and understand. If we gave ourselves the chance, we would recognize that we have just as much control over our energy and I would argue more control over our energy than we do our time. Our energy comes from many sources. What we choose to entertain in our minds influence our level and power of our energy. What we choose to feel with our emotions or perceive with our senses dictate the strength of our energy. The people who we choose to have relationships with, indirectly influences our energy. Many of us believe that our relationships have a direct influence on our energy. It simply is not true. When someone behaves the way that they choose to behave, there is a moment an intermediate force if you will that we own. And that moment, we choose to have a relationship or not have a relationship with that person. We choose to deem what that person says or does as important or choose to perceive what that person says or does as unimportant. We assess the level of interaction and level of importance that each and every person will have in our lives. Therefore, no relationship has a direct influence on our energy. There is one exception of course, and that is in the instance where your physical world has been controlled and therefore kidnapped by someone else. Now let's get to the importance of energy and why energy is truly so powerful. I can share an instance of one day when I was completing the book, Journey to Authentic Joy; I had so much energy that day. It felt as if I was placing 200 words a minute on that page. As I was working I received a call that contained very bad news from someone close to me. All of a sudden, I felt like the energy that overflowed abundantly from me, had dissipated within seconds. I stopped writing to lie down and thankfully started to pray. I let my flesh and anxiety get the best of me. I woke up that morning as an undefeated warrior to end up weak and frail as a doe preyed upon with a bow and arrow.
I decided to go take a drive in the country, because it's always easier for me to revamp my energy surrounded by God's most natural gifts. As I drove to the most abandoned and desolate rural areas of Georgia, I felt the safest that I could possibly feel. Beautiful tall green trees were everywhere coupled with thick, ever flowing green blades of grass. The sky was a beautiful powder blue with yellow sun rays shining brightly.  The day truly could not have been any more beautiful. I felt as if I could stay there forever. I could not. Or more accurately, I would not. However, what I would do was to bring that peace with me out of those woods. I would decide that I would choose to meditate on God's great gifts on this earth and give less attention to the things I could not control.

The way that we choose to see and use energy is up to us. At any given moment in any given time we have the access and power to greater energy. Our energy is going to dictate what we can do, how clearly we can think, and how quickly we can do what we do. It gives us the ability, speed, and endurance. Our energy will dictate how much we achieve and the level of quality, to which we achieve it.
While there are many elements that have only an indirect influence on our energy, that level of indirect influence can be grand. It is very important that we use whatever power and control that God gives us to manage those indirect influences effectively and be able to optimize our energy level to accomplish what we want to do.
Therefore, choose your relationships wisely. Choose your environments wisely. Choose your activities wisely. Have intention with what you eat and how you exercise. Use intention by gravitating to those people, ideas and places that bring joy and positive energy to you. Use intention by distancing yourself from people, ideas and places that consistently decrease your level of positive energy.
God has ordained you as the captain of your ship. Use the authority that He has given you to paint the most magnificent masterpiece of your life with the colors that are in your palette.