7 Steps to Success

7 STEPS TO SUCCESS (Synopsis of message by TD Jakes message)


  1. Know where you are going. When you wander aimlessly, you can end up anywhere. The first step to achieving anything is to aim specifically toward it. Otherwise, you might as well spend your time gambling at horrible odds.

    It is important to do target research and understand your target whether it be a professional, spiritual, social, financial or other goal. As the Bible says, Write a vision and make it plain.

    Ask and try to answer important questions such as: what can increase your chances to get there? What success formula’s have worked for others? Is this what God wants? Is this really for me or am I just experiencing envy of someone else? This answer to this last question could make the difference between $1 million and $1,000, an A grade or a C grade, peace or discontent.

  2. Wash your past away. Bishop Jakes says to wash your face. Don’t dwell on the past and its related negativity or fantasies. If you didn’t finish your last marathon- focus on preparing for this one, not the past failure. Don’t dress like the cable delivery guy that you used to be, if your job is now to serve as an office professional. Don’t assume that your past persona, disposition or style does not need to adjust to your new role.

  3. Put on a Grand Attitude. As Maya Angelou once said, people don’t necessarily remember what you said or did, but how you make them feel. Bring positivity to your encounters, whether it be your manager, co- worker, spouse or child, come with a grand attitude. You are able to get more from others when you are willing to give more. If you bring joy to your friends, you are more apt to get joy in return. Sure, we all have bad days. However, we also have the option to focus on good or the bad. There will always be both. As TD Jakes says, Everything isn’t right, but everything isn’t wrong either. Make the right choice. Serve others with positive energy and they will likely serve you with the same. 

  4. Prepare for what has not happened yet. It is your job to prepare. If God brings the opportunity, and you’re not prepared, you may forfeit the opportunity. Faith without works can be dead. Do your part. If you want to be a manager, but there are no openings, read best- selling books about management, take a training course. If you want to move to a Spanish- speaking country someday, then learn Spanish. 

  5.  Go to THAT place. Don’t be afraid to move. Bishop TD Jakes says that it is dangerous to stay “overdressed” in the wrong place for too long. He uses the grand example of walking through a hotel lobby full of swimmers and you have on a tuxedo headed to a wedding. If you stand there for too long, you will start getting funny looks. Just as if you stay in a place where you are overqualified for too long, you will get funny looks, be underappreciated and stunt your potential growth. Similarly, if you are looking for a spouse, go where you are likely to find one- golf course, church, dancing? Not likely to be in your living room on the couch, eating popcorn. 

  6.  Be still. Don’t be afraid to wait for God to tell you when you don’t know. It is okay to be a “misfit” for a little while. There may be a time when you have outgrown your current place or are new to your current role. If you feel unsure about moving, give God time to move you to your elevated chapter or to help you adjust and adapt to your new one. Sometimes, waiting is the most powerful.thing that you can do.  

  7. Don’t stand in the light, when it is not your time to shine. Bishop TD Jakes reminds us to know when to “push” and when to not. As when a woman is having a baby, her nurse will tell her when she is pushing too early in order for the woman in labor to reserve her energy for the right time. If it is not your time to be a manager, help your manager to look his/her best. Celebrate the successes of those around you. Then when it is your time to push, give it your all.


T.D. Jakes’ full message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQcXEckW7B8

How do you measure your Spiritual Intelligence?

We mostly have heard people talk about mental intelligence. Intelligence that reflects our cognitive ability to do what we want to do. Emotional intelligence has also gained popularity reflecting our emotional state needed in order to accomplish what we want to accomplish. For example, a steady emotional state helps us to stay calm under pressure. Our emotional state is also often reflected in our relationships. How well do we get along with others, especially those different from us? How well can we partner and collaborate with others to produce a successful product or outcome, whether it is at work, church, at home with family or with an organization.

Another form of intelligence is Spiritual Intelligence. Many have talked about different ways to define spiritual intelligence. However, I define Spiritual Intelligence quite simply. Spiritual Intelligence consists of four factors:

1. Our level of desire to hear from God;

2) The work that we contribute to hear from God, how often do we pray, talk to Him? How often do we meditate, listening to Him? How often do we read His Word?

3. How well do we hear from Him? What is our level of accuracy? When we think that He told us to do something, how often are we correct?

4. What is our commitment to action when we hear from Him? How obedient are we?

Our mental intelligence is only as important as our Spiritual Intelligence. Our emotional intelligence is only as significant as our Spiritual Intelligence. How important is it to do something well with great skill and steadiness if it is the wrong thing to do?

P.S.  The desires of our heart and this world are fleeting, whereas whatever comes from God, whatever joy He gives to you- is forever (1 John 2:17).