7 Characteristics of People of the Lie

At first with hesitation and great contemplation, do I produce this piece of communication. Like other, I was rocked by the shooting incident that occurred in the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Like others, my first reaction was to think who is this crazy person who committed such an atrocity??? Then I saw his face, the face of Dylann Roof. I hate to even type the name, however, he is an actual part of the event. When I saw his face or shall I say his eyes, the evil within him, riveted uncontrollably. It immediately brought me to the wisdom delivered by Dr. Scott Peck in “People of the Lie.”

Essentially, Dr. Peck, teaches us that psychology cannot cure all maladies, because some maladies are of the spirit and not of the mind. Psychologists and scientists of other fields are always driven for the logical solution, the mathematical formula for each problem presented. However, in the case of Dylann Roof and many others, sometimes the formula is not so tangible. Sometimes, it take more spiritual effort and seeking to find out how we can truly help such spiritually overturned individuals, if we are of the power to help them at all.

In Dr. Peck’s book, he shares case studies that reflect certain characteristics of these “People of the Lie,” these individuals who are spiritually overturned. These are seven characteristics that are often found in such individuals.

  1. They seek to control others. Dylann Roof wanted to control the saints in the church by killing them with his gun. He wanted to control others by evoking fear due to his terroristic attack. 

  2. They lack empathy. In order to enter a church, a place dedicated to God and falsely pray with those in a meek position, while actually preying on them violently, Dylann Roof lacked empathy for his most immediate and vulnerable neighbors. 

  3. They have a permeating problem linked to negative behavior. Dylann Roof’s life was dedicated to hate. He studied it, conspired with it and made it his lifestyle. 

  4. They strategically plan and calculate their wrongdoing. Dylann Roof planned for, at least months, his violent killing, from which he expected to receive glory. He even shared of his plans with others. 

  5. They are atypical in their ways. There are many good people who are different and unique. However, there are also those who are unique and unique in a bad way. Dylann Roof stands out as someone who wore hate paraphernalia, rebelled against modern day laws and modern day harmony. 

  6. They don’t show remorse. Dylann Roof has not apologized nor reflected any indications of regret for his malicious actions. 

  7. They are not corrected by punishment. Even in his time in jail, Dylan Roof still stands by his atrocious call of duty to raise hell where people of color exist.  Even behind bars, he still believes that his evil, terroristic acts were righteous.