The Four Types of People Who Influence Your Dreams

  • “There are four types of people with whom we share our dreams: dream doubters, dream keepers, dream haters and dream angels. Before you share a sacred dream that God has given you, be sure to know what type of person, with whom you are choosing to share your dream. Do not take this supernatural gift that God has given you for granted, for you do not know when you will get another.

  • The dream doubter is someone who looks at you as if you have completely lost your mind and gone bonkers when you share your dream with them. They can explain to you in several different ways and very logically why your dream is not realistic, will not happen and will definitely fail, and they so generously listen. They look at you with dismay for thinking so fantastically and may even shame you for not focusing on reality. These people don’t necessarily mean any harm to you; however, they are of zero benefit to you and may be very harmful to your psyche and ability to maintain the faith and energy that will be required to attain the supernatural dream that God has given you.

  • The dream keeper feels quite neutral about your dream. They don’t know much about what you are saying and aren’t vested either way. You can share your dream with them, but they can’t relate to it. They are listeners and not judgers. They won’t help or hurt your dream. They will simply be there indifferently, whether you do it or not. The dream keeper is the rarest of us all, given that most of us are so subjective that we will go one way or another. The dream keeper does just that, keeps your dream. They don’t help it or destroy it, but keep it in its current state.

  • The dream hater is jealous of you and your dreams, and wants anything except for you to be successful at realizing your dream. Joseph was one of God’s prophets whose father, Isaac, favored him over his brothers. When Joseph shared the actual dreams that God had given him, his brothers attempted to have him killed (Genesis 37:20). Many of us have dream haters in our lives; we ignore that they are dream haters because it’s easier than confronting them or dismissing them from our lives or we simply don’t realize that they are dream haters. The dream hater must be identified early and avoided at all costs. Do NOT share your dream with a dream hater. In fact, the dream hater probably has already attempted to tear down other efforts in your life through mental manipulation, verbal criticism and discouragement or outright sabotage.

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the dream doubter and the dream hater. For the sake of the dreams themselves, you may not need to differentiate. The important thing is to not share your dreams with them. For the sake of your well-being, it is much safer to not associate with the dream hater. The dream hater is riddled with jealousy for what they perceive that you do not deserve or anyone else for that matter. The dream haters find it difficult to be happy or excited for you because they are insecure within themselves. The more that you or anyone else grows or improves the less that they feel that they are worth. For the sake of your safety, mentally, emotionally and possibly even physically, I would advise you to avoid dream haters at all costs.

  • Fortunately, there are dream angels. These are people who are sent by God to help you realize your dreams. You and, maybe, even they may not know why they are helping you the way that they are. Nonetheless, one of the reasons that God has them in your life is to help you realize His dream through you. Sometimes, we are placed in the lives of others as their dream angels. When we are placed to be dream angels, it is our sacred responsibility to honor God with obedience and to help as we have been called to do so. If you are blessed to have a dream angel, don’t take them for granted, love and appreciate them, because you never know when one will come again.

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    Dr. Lepora