Keep on Movin'

Every time I hear that song by Soul II Soul, “Keep on Moving,” it takes me back about twenty years, although I have no intention of telling my age here. I was a senior in high school, attending a college party with one of my best friends, who was a college freshman at the time and had graduated from Nottingham High school, the same school that I had currently attended. At the time, she loved that song, as I did. So when the song came on, it naturally electrified the room as everyone danced the night away. We were all energized by the very popular hit, but it meant much more to my close friend at the time. She had just lost someone very close to her. Her ex-boyfriend had been shot and killed. It was a drive-by shooting that by the grace of God bypassed his son who ran for cover. I saw her spirit in her eyes as she danced to the song. For anyone not knowing the circumstances, it was simply a dance, another night out for her. Knowing her for years and with our souls being very connected, I saw the pain and anguish that she released in that dance, the energy and courage that it took to make the movements to dance, and the celebration of life that she expressed in that dance.

That is just what success in life is about—keeping on moving. Or as I always say to my little [correction] younger sisters, keep it moving. Life is not going to stop for you. It is not going to stand still and wait until you decide to catch up. It is only by the grace of God that you are still here, so what are you going to do about it? My friend lost a close friend/former boyfriend who left behind a young son. She had the option to continue her mourning in a dark bedroom, continuously complaining, “Woe is me for the life that was lost to me and to his son.” And who would have criticized her for that? I certainly would not have. Next to not having salvation for one’s self and loved ones, I personally do not know a more painful thing than losing the life of someone you love. However, the fact of the matter is that it happens to many of us every single day. In life, we will face many disappointments. Will we let it debilitate us or will we keep it moving in order to make it to the next blessing that God has for our lives. Yes, there is a time to mourn and a time to sulk. However, the more time that you sit on the sidelines means the less time that you have to bask in the sun and the fruitful aspects of your life. The negative disappointments will always be there when you want them. The great thing is so will the blessings. Which will you choose?


P.S. Please be sure to answer the questions below to give yourself some food for thought.

1. What disappointments in your life have you overcome? What has helped you to overcome them?

2. Are there any disappointments in your life that you still need to overcome, or let go of?

3. Have you put off taking any steps in life in order to move forward toward a goal, a next chapter in life and/or a next assignment?