Law of Attraction, The Secret or just plain Faith?

In this modern day era, new age genre and phenomenon is the rage. Unbeknownst to us, many ideas that are introduced as new are actually old and repackaged.  Old wine in new bottles, shall we say? Oftentimes, the message is slimmed down to bare bones and/or dangerously diluted.

Specifically, when we study such concepts as the Secret and the Law of Attraction, we are dealing with a concept, a practice that has been dangerously diluted. The Law of Attraction and the Secret states if you want something, simply put your mind to it, dwell and focus upon it and it will come to pass. In other words, maintain unwavering hope, in that "thing."  This is definitely a feel good message. I feel good by that thought. I am sure that it creates instant euphoria for many to hear. In fact, there is even some truth to what they are saying. When we put hope and desire behind outcomes, it does give it desire to happen.

The missing factor in this theory for me, is the importance of God. I don't know if they are taking God "completely" out of the picture. However, they are abandoning the need to consult Him regarding what we need, want, should have. They are abandoning the need to have faith in what God wants. When God's desire is taken out of the picture, chaos is waiting to happen. When God is taken out of the picture, some "dreams" still come true, only to find out that your "dream" is short- lived or maybe even worse a nightmare.

When God is in the picture, we aim for outcomes that He desires, outcome with everlasting peace, the potential of everlasting joy, outcomes that are meaningful.

However, if you want a microwave quick fix of happiness, you may get some results from the Secret or the Law of Attraction. Just remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for."