Fight the Real War

Life will have its way with all of us, when there will come a time that we will be at war. We will war with our “enemies,” war with rival classmates, co-workers, siblings or other family. As a nation we war with other nations and races are often found warring against each other.

In recent news, there has been a pattern of videos and social media capturing hasty killings of black men, to soon follow with a lack of justice perceived by many including myself. The quick dismissal of the idea to formally acknowledge any wrongdoing for the killing of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin has built up rage and left our society in an uproar. It can be difficult to have peace in a place and time that lacks justice to the eye. The pain can run deep when we see a re-occurring pattern of lives being taken for granted. It leaves many to believe that we are at war.

The immediate response has been to assume that there is a race war going on in this society. That blacks hate whites and whites hate blacks. Is there racial prejudice that leads to many senseless deaths? Absolutely! However, this war is far bigger than one of race. This war is far bigger than even the battle of class and income inferiority. This war is one that lacks ease in visibly identifying the opponent and proponent. This is a war that is ultimately fought and won in the spirit. We may partake in many physical battles, but the spiritual war is the war the ultimately decides the winner.

Many are forgetting about God or wondering where is God in all of this. God’s Word is as true today as it was yesterday. God has told us that vengeance is His. It is up to Him to avenge for His children. Historically, God allowed for mourning families to decide on the justice for a slain family member. However, God wants us to evolve in how He has allowed us to do so. He wants us to be children of forgiveness, children of compassion, to love as He does. It is difficult to live and walk in such an honorable manner in a time of such injustice and pain. However, if we take this war to God’s territory, He will surely make us victorious. When we look at the progress that oppressed Jews have made, the power of their faith in God is apparent. When we look at the progress that Black Americans have made, from being a race forbidden to learn, forbidden to pass down anything to their inheritors to a people have made significant progress including national presidency, we must acknowledge their power of faith in God. We have a long way to go, but we must acknowledge the miraculous way, that we have come.

So my prayer is that you continuously fight the spiritual fight. Continuously pray to God without cease, for His justice, the only justice that is perfect and appropriate. Watch Him be victorious in our lives.