Change is an inevitable part of life. If your life isn’t changing, you’re not living. You’re not growing. Most changes are unnoticeable, small and deemed insignificant. What easily gets our attention are the “big” changes. “Big” changes that include getting a new manager, losing a job, losing a loved one, or moving to another state. Big changes, whether positive or negative can be stressful. However, those that are deemed negative and/or out of our control can be especially stressful.

The differentiating factor for those who are highly successful in life is resilience, the ability to gracefully adapt to change, the buoyancy factor. We see it quite vividly in successful companies; they don’t hold on to dying trades (e.g., cassette tapes), they sell mp3s  online or they add laser hair removal to their waxing business. Similarly, we see it in personal lives as well; it’s the person who proactively gets the IT training for the new software being used or the individual who celebrates potentially new opportunities while losing an old one. It’s the one who prays for guidance for the future when the present is being wiped away.

Those who are resilient and master change tend to have certain characteristics: Faith in God; know the Purpose in themselves; Confident in their abilities; and Connected to others.

When mastering change, those who are successful generally take three steps:

  • intention
  • action/effort
  • contingent reserves

Our first instinct when we face unexpected change is to react, react in fear regarding what “might” happen. At that moment, it couldn’t be a more important time to take advantage of  the crossroads opportunity to focus on what is most important to you. That is the time to  create intention, shaping a direction for what you want.

Once you are able to identify the true intentions for what you want, its important to ensure that you take action toward your intentions. Make sure that your efforts are aligned with intentions.

Its important to invest in contingent reserves. Contingent reserves can come in many forms. Contingent reserves of time, allows you time to develop strategies for your intentions, desires. Time allows you to talk to, and listen from God. Time allows you the opportunity to rest, physically, mentally and emotionally. It allows you to rest, refresh and renew.

Contingent reserves of resources, for example money savings provides liberty even when working for others. These are financially challenging times for many. However, its important to live below what you receive so that you have increased freedom financially and emotionally. Contingent reserves of ideas and options are great when God wants you to do more than one thing on this earth; I believe that applies to most of us.

Dr. Lepora is an expert in Change Management and Mastery. She is at your service as a life coach for personal and holistic success and an executive coach to leaders seeking positive change for their organizations. She serves as a motivational speaker to inspire groups and audiences of varying sizes.

The Buoyancy Factor questionnaire will assess your level of buoyancy, readiness to master change. It will explore the four major dimensions of your buoyancy: Faith, Purpose, Confidence and Connection. This tool will show areas that you can grow your resilience and hopefully develop an action plan customized for you. Please contact us if you would like coaching assistance in developing your personal action plan and/ or following through with it. A Life Coach can me the key to your powerful transformation  and/or basic improvement needed for your life.

Buoyancy Factor Questionnaire

Change is an inevitable part of life. We cannot grow without changing. I can partner with you to be the
Master of the Change in your life.

Dr. Lepora

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